For the Health of It Podcast – Episode 5 – Long Term Impact of COVID – 19

On this week’s episode, the Healthsperien team is joined by two veteran policy experts and thought leaders, from two sides of the political spectrum, but who share the same goal: ‘How do we prepare for a thriving America post pandemic?’ We explore the need for expanded health coverage to meet new demand, and we dive in to the long term economic implications of the pandemic, how we avoid a recession, and the likely health system response to these pressures.

On today’s episode, our guests include:

  • Liz Fowler, who is Executive Vice President at the Commonwealth Fund and former special assistant to President Barack Obama on health care and economic policy at the National Economic Council.
  • Doug Holtz-Eakin, who is the former Director of the Congressional Budget Office, and chief economic policy adviser to Senator John McCain.

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