For the Health of It Podcast – Episode 4 – Disparities & COVID-19

On this weeks episode, the Healthsperien team, national thought leaders, and advocates dive head on into the often politically sensitive but very valid issue of health and financial disparities in how the COVID-19 pandemic presents itself among the vulnerable and communities of color. We’ll explore the causes, public responses, and policy solutions to address these inequities with a special focus on how we quantify and qualify the issue through accurate data and human stories.

On today’s episode, our guests include:

  • Frederick Isasi, who is Executive Director of Families USA, a leading national, non-profit voice for health care consumers across a range of public policy arenas.
  • Niall Brennan, President and CEO of the Health Care Cost Institute, a premier research institution highlighting trends in U.S. health care spending and the factors behind those trends.
  • Yanira Cruz, President and CEO of the National Hispanic Council on Aging, the foremost public policy and advocacy organization driving equity and the Latino perspective within public health, older adults, and caregiver issues.

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