About Our Partnerships Work

We work with community-based, and national, not-for-profit organizations aligned with our mission to support their work through a variety of contracted services .

Healthsperien’s mission is to accelerate responsible and sustainable health care system innovation and transformation to improve health outcomes for all, and especially those most at-risk and underserved. We do so at the intersection of public policy, business strategy, and government affairs, and we are dedicated to helping organizations navigate the complexities and challenges of health care markets, policy, and regulation.

Healthsperien Partnership organizations are independent, national not-for-profit organizations aligned with our mission and vision for supporting a range of populations.

How we support

Each Partnerships organization, established formally as either a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4), operates with its own distinctive governance and bylaws, independent Boards of Directors and/or Executive Committee, unique membership bases composed of other organizations dedicated to the same cause, and, in many cases, a dedicated staff.

Healthsperien offers contracted support to ensure these organizations optimize their impact and strategic goals. In doing so, Healthsperien offers a range of services intended to accompany and complement the work of the Partnership organizations. These resources, services, and supports include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning and Guidance
  • Subject Matter Expertise and Policy Analysis
  • Research and Data Insights
  • Operational and Administrative Support
  • Communications Support

Our contracted support allows these independent, national not-for-profits to realize their goals of creating change to help all Americans lead healthier lives, especially those most at-risk.

Partnership Organizations

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