Meet the Staff: Rachel Jordan

Current Title

Policy Analyst

When they joined the firm:

October 2019

Areas of Expertise

Behavioral health, social health, provider-based issues, social determinants of health

My favorite thing about going to work is being surrounded by such insightful, bright, kind, and supportive colleagues. Hearing about the various projects team members are leading is exciting and sparks my own creativity. Plus, I know I can lean on coworkers when navigating complex and often-changing policy topics.

Project confidence, even if you don’t feel it.

Carole Fisher gave me this piece of advice, explaining that while building confidence is a gradual process, we are in control of some critical things like being an active listener, practicing confident body language, not being afraid to ask for support, and my favorite – using humor. This advice has helped me, particularly in times of self-doubt or imposter syndrome.

I like to try different yoga classes, locate the best bike lanes in DC, defend the state of New Jersey, and consume copious amounts of reality television.

Recently, I took an incredible trip to Peru with one of my childhood friends. It was exhilarating to bike and hike while catching breathtaking views of Machu Picchu and especially rewarding to practice our Spanish.

Juicy Couture tracksuits (but have they ever gone out of style?) A perfect mix of comfort and an ode to athleisure, these tracksuits are a 2000s staple that even Tony Soprano engages in (insert Tony Soprano in a FILA velour sweatsuit here).

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