Meet the Staff: Mosalewa Ani

Current Title

Policy Analyst

When they joined the firm:

June 2023

Areas of Expertise

Behavioral health, health equity, provider issues 

My favorite thing about working at Healthsperien is the truly collaborative environment that every team member embodies. It affirms the feeling that not only do you receive support, but you can also provide support to others, benefiting everyone’s growth. 

The most valuable piece of career advice I’ve received is to always embrace opportunities outside of your comfort zone. These experiences help you learn and grow, ultimately boosting your confidence in the face of the unknown, which will soon become familiar.

My most frequently used productivity hack at work is utilizing MS OneNote to ensure I keep track of all my weekly tasks and responsibilities.

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear a path” – Paulo Coehlo

I would teleport to Nigeria to see my grandmother.

  • Learn American Sign Language
  • Become a certified doula
  • Run a marathon
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