Meet the Staff: Meg (Margaret) Wallace

Current Title

Director of Strategic Partnerships

When they joined the firm:

October 2019

Areas of Expertise

Partnership development, management, and advancement, including operations, communications, membership engagement of diverse coalitions, consortiums, alliances, etc.; writing; events; intern team management

I am constantly amazed and humbled by my colleagues, whom I am privileged to work alongside each day. We have the most amazing staff who bring diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise to our clients. I learn something new every day just by working with this team – they truly inspire me!

Because our work at Healthsperien is mission-driven, every day brings a new opportunity to serve the most vulnerable populations in our nation. We wrestle with some of the biggest challenges facing those who are at-risk and underserved. Seeing our collective impact as a result of our efforts motivates me each day.

Time blocking is a life-changing productivity hack, in addition to lists! Lists everywhere, about everything. Also, always having a pen handy.

When I was in college, I studied abroad in China, and it was an incredible and life-changing experience. Aside from honing my Mandarin language skills, taking amazing trips to the Great Wall, and seeing the Terra-cotta Warriors, among others, I learned so much by being fully immersed in a new culture, and I will hold onto those memories forever.

Vermont, my home state! I miss Vermont dearly, especially during the fall when foliage is at its peak.

Cooking! I have found that turning on a good playlist and trying a new recipe or whipping up a comforting favorite cures just about anything life may throw at me.

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