Meet the Staff: Matt Wilkinson

Current Title

Communications Manager

When they joined the firm:

January 2023

Areas of Expertise

Communications, Public Relations, content creation (written & graphics), web design, social impact, and DEIB communications.

Knowing that my role contributes to something greaterultimately impacting the lives of underserved groups due to the nature of what we do here in Washington. Professionally, I am a storyteller and enjoy conveying the stories of real living people and the good work that impacts their lives. I love communicating the value of our work in the tone and voice of our organization through visual and written content creation, and through conversing with the media.

Rather than pinpointing a specific moment, it’s the ongoing willingness to step in and help others within our communications team that truly stands out. Our line of work often means dealing with unforeseen challenges that require a rapid response. Whether drafting a last-minute statement or press release or handling media interactions, there have been numerous instances where each of us has readily pitched in to help complete urgent assignments. I’d like to think that highlights our team’s collaborative spirit! 

I like to completely switch off from the busyness of life I’m talking out of town to go hiking in the mountains or explore something new. I’m a big skier and love skiing in the Rockies, and I love to bike, tube the riverpretty much all things outdoors! I am utterly fascinated by the natural world and have made a conscientious effort to explore it to the fullest. 

“A society grows great when [people] plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” – I am not exactly sure who said it but it’s an old proverb.  

Probably visit home, which for me is Yorkshire, England. You can take the lad out of Yorkshire, but you can’t take Yorkshire out of the lad?” Did I make that up? I probably did

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