John Mach, M.D., Joins Healthsperien as Senior Advisor

On February 1, 2024, Healthsperien announced the addition of Dr. John Mach as Senior Advisor to its team of experts. A geriatrician and leading national expert in clinical and value-based care, Dr. Mach brings decades of business leadership and in-depth experience supporting aging populations, further enhancing Healthsperien’s services for its diverse client base.

“I am excited to join the talented team of health care and government affairs leaders at Healthsperien and to advise the firm’s clients and partners on a host of issues, and particularly those related to the clinical aspects of health and aging. Healthsperien’s proven track record in tackling a range of health care challenges, notably advancing system change, especially for those most vulnerable, aligns with my passion for enhancing health care in our nation,” said Dr. Mach.

Healthsperien is thrilled to welcome Dr. John Mach to the firm!

Visit our Team page to learn more about his background and expertise.

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