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Healthsperien Post-Election Health Policy Analysis & Outlook

With the majority of congressional and state races decided, it is now clear the Democrats will maintain control of the U.S. Senate and likely the Republicans the U.S. House by a slim margin. Mid-term elections (referring to an off year from Presidential elections) historically have led to reduced seats in Congress for the President’s party, particularly in the U.S. House, often with a switch in party control. However, the 2022 mid-term election bucked that trend as Democrats maintained their majority in the Senate and lost fewer seats in the House than expected. Many factors appear to have influenced the election dynamic including the economy, inflationary pressures, and abortion access.

Healthsperien has created a special memo outlining the election results’ impact on health policy for the rest of the year, in the upcoming 118th Congress, and the Biden Administration’s future health agenda.

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