Meet the Staff: Daneen Sekoni

Current Title

Associate Vice President of Advocacy

When they joined the firm:

August 2022

Areas of Expertise

Advocacy, Policy, Strategic planning, Health Equity

I’ve always said that Healthsperien has its finger on the pulse of what is burgeoning in healthcare and is well-positioned to meaningfully influence policy and the future of healthcare locally, nationally, and internationally. I have grown tremendously and owe it to the Partners who invest in staff by actively finding ways to maximize and tap into our natural strengths. Also, because we are a boutique firm, my colleagues feel like family, and we genuinely enjoy working and laughing together. 

I am invested and committed to the issues we work on across the firm. I care about improving the quality of life and health outcomes of all individuals, which is why I chose to enter the field of health policy. When I think about addressing the needs of unpaid caregivers through more resources or opportunities to mitigate loneliness, that is personal for me as my dad is currently his brother’s caregiver, and I see the responsibility and impact it has on him. 

There are many things that I am proud of since being a part of Healthsperien, but one moment that stands out to me is working with my colleagues Meg Wallace, Debbie McCarron, Joy Chen, and Abby Gadbois on the MCED Consortium. We have a great dynamic and love to support one another. It shows not only in our interactions with the MCED Consortium workgroup members but also in the quality of the materials we work on closely with the MCED Consortium members. 

I answer this question in two ways, pre and post-kids. Before having children, I traveled extensively; you never knew where I would be for a long weekend or vacation. Now that I am the proud mom of two small children, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband. 

My friends would describe me as extremely loyal, understanding, funny, and easygoing. I can count on one hand those I consider friends. My circle is small, but I am proud that my friendships have been long-lasting (one since we were 12!), and they all know that I am always a phone call away if they ever need me. 

I’d rather meet my ancestors because knowing who you are and the foundations that made you is important. Being an American of African descent, I understand that my ancestors’ arrival to this country is unique and unlike most. One thing my father said that always stayed with me is, “We come from strong people because so many did not survive that passage, and the fact that we are here today speaks to the strength of our ancestors who not only endured but survived the journey and all that awaited them once they set foot on this soil.” 

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